Losing weight - how easy can it be?

There are three components relating to weight issues: physical, emotional and mental.

The Physical Level

I have worked with many people who want to lose weight. I have experienced my own weight issues from being anorexic as a teenager and later while in an unhappy marriage. I know from experience that each person is different.

No one food or activity plan is best for everyone. So, together, in a relaxed environment, we will set goals and develop a plan specifically for your own lifestyle, one which you can easily maintain and enjoy.

The Emotional Level

Willpower! Do you have it? You are probably telling yourself you are weak, that you don’t have “enough” willpower or else you would not have this problem involving weight.

Willpower, schmillpower!! Willpower is not something you need when you come for sessions with me! You might be overeating or eating what you term ‘bad’ food because something is eating you, or for one reason or another you might be stuck.

Unresolved emotions, not lack of willpower, will forever sabotage your efforts to lose weight. This is why 95% of dieters regain the pounds they have lost and they cannot get off that misery-go-round of lose, gain, lose, gain and gain some more.

Until your negative feelings and the thoughts behind them are brought to the surface and made neutral, any weight loss will be temporary.

The Mental Level

Are any of these thoughts familiar?

  • I don’t deserve to be thin (or happy or successful).

  • Even if everyone else has rejected me, food is still there for me.

  • Losing weight is hopeless… it’s never going to happen for me.

  • If I were thin, I’d be vulnerable and attract too much attention.

  • I have too many pounds to lose. It will take forever. I don’t know where to start.

  • I can’t succeed. I have no willpower.

  • What if I do succeed? How will my life change? Will people expect too much of me?

  • What if I start again and fail? People I care about will know I’m a failure.

  • I can’t give up my best friend, food. I can’t live my life without it.

The misery-go-round never stops. Sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? How can you possibly change such self-defeating thoughts? How can you face such unpleasant emotions without the comfort of food?

The Powerful Tool of EFT

As your weight loss Stuff Buster, I will introduce you to a simple but powerful self-help tool called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). I have advanced training in the skillful use of EFT, and with it we will uncover and eliminate the thoughts that are keeping you feeling hopeless, anxious, fearful, lonely, bored, angry, sad, guilty or full of shame.

I’m interested. Now what?

Contact me to set up a free Weight Loss Stuff Busting consultation. You will share your concerns and goals with me and I will tell you how I can help you succeed. This time it will work!

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