My cat is dying!

This consult was done entirely via e-mail for feedback and surrogate EFT for help. So that makes the process (reading about it) a long one. I will do my best to put in the relevant info and as much about the actual tapping as I can. I feel that this is a great example of the bonding between owner and cat… The more I work with animals the more I find that issues are linked.

My cat client was in Montreal, Canada and had just turned 19. Her mommy, Martha (not her real name), wrote to me asking if I could check out Hot Spice (not her real name) as she thought the move to Montreal had stressed Hot Spice out as well as her own stresses were being picked up by HS (Hot Spice).

I asked her to send me info on HS, background, history etc. which she did. Before I could even do the overview, I got an urgent e-mail telling me that HS was not doing well and please to help her any way I could.

I immediately tuned into HS and was shocked to hear that she had had enough of this life… she was ready to go over the Rainbow Bridge but was very worried about leaving Martha as she thought she would not be able to cope without her. She was feeling very depressed about how she felt and overwhelmed in general.

I asked HS if I could help her pass without pain and if so could we do some tapping for her. She agreed to that so we started with EFT on the dehydration and constipation and lack of energy.

Our set ups were along the lines of ‘even though I have no energy and all I want is to go over the Rainbow Bridge, I am open to the suggestion that I could have more energy and go peacefully and without pain’.

We sent lots of healing light to her kidneys to help them improve – also asked for more energy to her whole body so she could drink more and get her appetite back.

Even though my kidneys are not working well yet, I ask the Universe and my body to send lots of healing light and energy to my body to help me.

After several rounds with many tears, she/me gave three or four big sighs… which means she was releasing past stress.

We then sent lots more healing energy to her – she then said she was feeling better and that at 19 she is not old and not yet ready to go over the Rainbow Bridge… she said she wanted to be around for a lot longer – she said she and her mommy make a great team :). She thought 22 was a good age to go.

She said she has an appetite now and was looking forward to eating. She was also going to drink more to stop the constipation and also the dehydration. She definitely seemed a lot more cheerful to me when we finished.

I sent this feedback off to Martha, hoping that I would get some good news back. When you are working with animals in other countries you cannot see the improvement that you work on. It is not up to me when an animal is going to die, I just do what I can using EFT to help.

Here is what Martha sent me: Praise the Lord! and praise again for sending you our way Maureen…. what a difference it made knowing you were there, even if it seems so far away, but not really, we’re indeed very close…

She is better and the timing is right: I felt you working with us, I saw the tears, it was 2 a.m. here. We had a long night. She was passing urine with blood. So I kept checking each time. She drank lots of water and then her appetite came back, just as you described. The bleeding gradually stopped.

It’s 9 am here and she is sleeping right now, her breathing much more relaxed and deep. I’d like you work with her kidneys/intestines/bladder/digestion/appetite if you feel it still needs more healing till she is ‘safe’. God bless your heart.

The next day Martha took HS to her vet. She says: I visited with the vet at 11 a.m. (I had to do a bit of EFT on me before going in – I realized how much the underlying voice of defeat and hopelessness takes over, for me and for HS. I’d like to work on that with you, but more on that later).

The vet insists all symptoms are signs of a very stressed kidney. Of course, he tells me her age, which I understand, and tries to prepare me for the worst.

She is calm now, and after I fed her (she ate a little bit) she went back to sleep. I feel that’s good since the bladder is not urging her and when she curls up, I feel she is comfortable and relaxed.

The next day Martha wrote that HS started to be more herself at 1.30 am. She ate her breakfast. She took HS to the vet and he was a little surprised. He acknowledged he thought she would ‘look’ much worse.

I tuned in to HS again to see how her kidneys were functioning. She told me only one of her kidneys was working when we started. We worked on that and now she says her left kidney is functioning at 46%. The right one (that we didn’t really do as much work on) is currently functioning at 73%.

She was chuckling at the vet’s surprise when he saw her. She says she is going to drink lots more water as she doesn’t like having the water injected. I also checked out her bladder and sent lots of healing light and energy to it. She says she can now pee like clear crystal light, easily and often.

More feedback from Martha: HS was diagnosed with insufficient renal function few years ago, what the vets call ‘normal’ in older cats. I did not know all the details about the reasons why cats eventually ‘develop’ renal problems. Thank you for working with her kidneys. I’m smiling at her ‘chuckling’… Maureen, she seems much more herself this morning, although her face is alternating relaxed, happy, than sad and heavy. Please let me know what you pick up on the constipation – could you test her to see if at this point a pro-biotic + enzymes added to her food would help with the constipation. I don’t want to add anything that might overstimulate her gut as she is trying to get better.

Since yesterday she started to pee freely as you described – clear, beautiful bright yellow. And she responded every time I took her to the litter box. Today she is doing it on her own. Thank you for working with her kidneys.

My comments to Martha: I worked on her bowel movements this morning… she got very emotional and said she had so much ‘bad’ stuff that she needed to keep it inside her as she couldn’t face it if she allowed it to come out. Please remember that oftentimes this is not actual truth but a perception (which is then of course the ‘truth’). We worked on allowing the sadness to come out… that it was easy for her and safe for her to let this all out. We also worked on her not eating too much at once… to let the stuff inside her come out easily and in a relaxed manner.

She said she was feeling much better and was now OK with not keeping stuff inside her and getting all stuck and bloated. I have no idea what the ‘bad stuff’ was – as it is not really important once excess emotional attachment to it has ceased.

She says she is going to eat more slowly and allow the food to flow through her easily now.

Muscle tested and I get the feeling that you should just watch her for another 24 hours and see if you perceive any improvement. If not then add the pro-biotic. She says she wants to see if she can do this by herself. Quite a strong willed cat you have there!

Martha’s feedback: HS has been improving slowly, thank Goodness. Bowel movements improved over the weekend and I had decided, as you suggested, to wait for the probiotic.

You gave me important information – her sadness, holding in etc. Yesterday I was able to relax for a brief moment and reconnect.

I then sent these set ups to Martha for her to work through on herself. I told her to read through all of these statements and then choose the ones that have the most relevance for her.

  • Even though I feel rejected by my husband at times, I am still a strong and capable woman.

  • Even though I have to compromise and it makes me angry, I am still a strong and capable woman.

  • Even though I am tired of the struggle at times, I am still a great person, strong and capable.

  • Even though I feel stuck at times and not able to move forward as I would like to, I know I can do whatever I want to regardless of what is going on between my husband and myself.

  • Even though peaceful and nourishing relationships seem foreign to me at times, I know I can have perfect loving relationships if I choose so to do.

  • Even though I still have negative thoughts towards my mother at times, I now can release all of them and forgive myself for carrying them around for so long.

  • Even though my inner child, little Martha, still needs lots of love and attention, I know that I can now go to her and give her all the love she never received as a child any time she needs me.

  • Even though I feel guilty at times for putting HS through this move, I know that she understands and it was her soul choice to come with me and I can easily let the guilt go now.

  • Even though I will never have the mother-daughter relationship that other women have, I know it was my choice to experience this during this lifetime.

  • Even though parts of me still feel overwhelmed at times, I trust the Universe (God/my angels… whatever is most appropriate for you…) to send my body all the energy it needs at all times.

Feedback from Martha: thank you for checking in to see how we’re doing… and sorry for the delayed answer… HS is holding well. Dr. G thinks she is out of danger. She is going to see him again next Monday.

More from me: HS said she was taking on your negative energy as she thought she was stronger than you at the moment. We worked through that… and now she knows that the best thing she can do for you is to stay strong and that will show you that you too can be strong.

I also tapped with her for the cold drafts. That should be better now. She also said she doesn’t like her current food and it is making her constipated? I have no idea what she is eating but she said she wanted her old food back? Then I felt very sniffly and had to blow my nose. Muscle testing said she was sad. She said she is sad for you… so we did a bit more on her being strong and that is going to help you the most. She said she is drinking enough water at the moment. So please let me know if there is any improvement. Martha said there was improvement and the HS was drinking lots of water again.

I heard nothing else from Martha and Hot Spice until the New Year. Here is her latest feedback to me:

Maureen, I’ve thought of you often and always with immense gratitude. God sent you my way via EFT newsletter for support and I thank Him and you for that. HS has been doing well. I’ve tried as much as I could to avoid any extra stress for her.

My brother and sister in law came to stay with us for Christmas and that’s wonderful. HS is happy about that too.

There were times I was afraid to believe you about HS. The veterinarian did not believe himself she would make it. I think he said she might only live for a month or she could go anytime. I did tell her I wanted what was best for her that was OK if she felt it was time to go home. She proved to be strong and willed as you described… God bless you Maureen and thank you again for your help and support. HS is here and I told her I’m writing to you…. I told her, you speak to her your own way…

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