Animals and tapping - does it work?

February 17, 2016


I have been helping animals for over ten years now using Meridian Tapping and now also Matrix Reimprinting. So does it work? Absolutely!


We currently have two cats living with us (four more have gone over the rainbow Bridge) – and all of them have both experienced and benefited from meridian tapping and MR.


I have successfully helped many cats, dogs horses and birds to have happier lives.


So yes it definitely works but…


What is the ‘but’?


I have also had clients asking me sort out their companion animals – they give me minimal background information and just say (basically!) ‘fix Fluffy’ or ‘sort out Rover’s peeing on the bed’.


No matter how wonderful a helping tool we have in MT and MR, if the issue is with the human then no amount of surrogate tapping work will ‘sort out’ a companion animal without ‘sorting out’ the human issues as well.


Please contact me to help your animals help themselves and let go of old issues (which usually have been with them since kitten or puppyhood) – but also take a look at the environment in which they are living – and see if it would benefit both you and your companion animal to book a session :).


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