Stress free lives for animals

In all the rushing around we do with our hectic lifestyles, do we ever stop and wonder if our pets and animals around us are stressed?

Companion animals are great stress relievers themselves. Our cats come and sit on our laps, purring with content when we stroke them. Our dogs look up at us with loving eyes when we pet them or take them for walks. Do they themselves become stressed at times?

Taking them to the vet for example. Wouldn’t it be great if the vet came to you instead of having to transport your beloved feline or canine friend in (possibly) a cage, in a car, through the traffic with lots of noise and external stimuli? Unlikely for this to happen so how about helping them become less stressed and more calm.

Using a therapy called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) you can help your companion animals relax. You can also help them heal themselves. You can truly make a difference in their lives in many ways using this easy and drug free therapy.

Here are some examples of what can be achieved using EFT.

Frisco is a large golden retriever who hated thunder and loud noises such as fire crackers. He would literally go berserk when a storm approached, hurling himself through screen doors and ripping moldings from walls, smashing windows: the only way to reduce his fear was by using drugs to calm him down.

After one session of EFT he became calmer and his owners no longer had to drug him to survive a storm. He now can be taken outside when it is raining and thundering and basically shrugs his doggy shoulders and has no negative response to the noise at all.

Another golden retriever Jake (he lives with Frisco) kept getting benign lumps all over himself. Drugs, natural remedies – nothing helped. I did some remote EFT for him and we found out that he was sooooooo jealous of Frisco as Frisco got everything first. He got more love, more treats, and all Jake was worth (he felt) was to get lumps because at least then he got attention. The fact that this was not actually true was immaterial. It was how Jake perceived things that we needed to find out and then fix. Now Jake’s owners take them out for walks separately, feed them separately and the lumps have disappeared.

One of our cats, Snowball, had skin cancer, due to his life in New Hampshire in the USA where he would lie for hours in the sun, even in the snow! We only realised that his ratty looking ears were not the results of various fights he got into but were evidence of skin cancer when we took him for a check up when we had moved to South Africa (of course the cats came with us, jet-set travelers from New York!) We took him for radiation therapy with our wonderful vet, Georgina Crewe, and he was deemed to be fine. A daily dose of high protection factor sun screen on his ears was the on-going prescription. We took him for regular checkups and after a year the cancer had returned, albeit in a small area.

More radiation therapy. While we were at the clinic waiting our turn, I saw several cats in bad shape: stages 3 and 4 cancer. One big ginger cat was in so much pain he continually rubbed his nose with his paw, causing it to bleed all over the place, even though he was heavily sedated. I now had EFT to help me! That night I did some remote EFT on O’Malley. It was very emotional – the thoughts that he sent me were that he was fearful that he would be ‘thrown away’ now he was ugly with his skin cancer. I tapped for him and eventually he calmed down. When I saw him the next day at the clinic, I could hardly believe what I saw! His nose had healed a great deal; no more bleeding – he was much calmer.

Another cat, Lillywhite, had skin cancer on her nose and ears and also had a growth on one of her paws that the vet said was unheard of in cats. The only solution was to remove the arm/front leg up to the shoulder to prevent the cancer from spreading. That night I did some remote EFT with Lillywhite and it was amazing to hear her say to me I am waving my paw in the healing light. She said that over and over again. She seemed in full control of her healing. She still had more treatments to undergo but at the last check up with Snowball I asked Georgina how she was doing. Much better I was told. Finished her treatments and the growth was removed – but she kept her paw and arm.

Back to Snowball! Now I had the experience of EFT I did some on him. He told me that the reason he got the skin cancer in the first place was that he didn’t really like having other cats living with him. We currently have five including Snowball, all refugees from shelters and one who adopted us when he had been abandoned by his previous owners.

With tapping he realised that if he didn’t get so stressed he wouldn’t get the skin cancer coming back. That would mean he wouldn’t need to have that pesky sun screen rubbed on his ears every day. He made a decision to allow himself to be more relaxed around the other cats in return for which I would not put the sun screen on his ears. His ears now need to be seen to be believed. They look better than they have in years – I can stroke them and he doesn’t flinch. He is much less stressed around the other cats and looks years younger and actually rejuvenated.

I have tapped on Mango (one of our black and white cats) when he came limping in to the bathroom – a quick round of tapping for his front paw and he trotted out on all four paws, no sign of a limp. A few weeks back he appeared to have a blocked tear duct and dirt was collecting in his one eye. A round of tapping – everything back to normal overnight.

EFT benefits are not only for companion animals – I have done remote tapping for horses and even birds, all with great success. I have done EFT for animals I have never met!

So before you decide to trade in your companion animal for behaviour you can’t tolerate, try some EFT – you will be pleasantly surprised!

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