I have to speak in public!

Your boss tells you he needs you to give a presentation to the regional managers next week. No problem right?


So get out your handy tapping fingers and away you go.

  1. Even though the very thought of doing this presentation fills me with dread and all I want to do is throw up and hide in a corner, I accept myself where I am right now. (repeat that three times).

Do the reminder phrases along those lines or whatever this brings up for you.


  1. Even though they are all going to be looking at me and I will freeze and the words won’t come out, I accept myself where I am right now. (repeat three times).

Same with this one.. just do your reminder phrases on whatever comes up when you do the set up.

You want actual words to say?


  • EB: I feel sick

  • OE: I can’t do this

  • UE: I have to do this or I’m out of a job

  • UN: this feeling of panic

  • CH: reminds me of when they laughed at me in grade 2

  • CB: how can I change it

  • UA: I really want to change it

  • TOH: I can do this

If you need help with more, then contact us. We are here to help.

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