Why doesn’t EFT work sometimes?

I think it depends on what you want it to do for you.

The other day I had a headache. I don’t often get headaches and when I do get one it is usually because I have not drunk enough liquids. This headache didn’t feel like a dehydration headache… this one felt like sharp stabbing electric shocks over my whole head every five seconds. Not nice at all.

I rubbed lavender essential oil around my temples and behind my ears. No improvement.

So… I tapped and tapped and tapped. No difference at all. Hmm. Why is EFT not working?

I muscle tested to see if I could find out what was causing the headache so I could then tap on that. I was very sure it was not dehydration but I checked for that along with stress, frustration at our builders who are not performing well, basically anything I could think of.

Surprise! The muscle testing said dehydration. It was very positive about that being the cause.

I didn’t really believe this was the cause (we can be very stubborn!) but just in case I drank a small glass of water. Less than five minutes later the headache had receded somewhat. So I drank another small glass of water and – yes… another couple of minutes and no more headache. Totally gone.

So… EFT did not ‘work’ for me and my headache. Or did it?

Your body sends you signals for a reason. In this case I needed more water. So why would anything take that message away? OK if I took some drug then it would mask the symptoms and I would feel better (personally I wouldn’t as my body doesn’t like drugs – perhaps I have brain-washed it into knowing that if I find out the cause of the pain I can tap it away if it is safe to do so) temporarily, but I would not have found out what my body was wanting to tell me.

Isn’t that what EFT actually does? It listens to what your body is saying (I am angry at my boss… I feel so helpless and frustrated against my father’s anger) and then we can tap the relevant emotional down and gain our power back. EFT will not ‘mend’ a broken leg, it will help shorten the healing process though. EFT will not get rid of a headache that your body wants you to have until you listen to its message.

So if you have pain that you have tapped on but is still there, perhaps you have not found the emotional root of the issue. Or perhaps, like me with the headache, all you need to do is rehydrate yourself!

If you need help with any issues, contact us – we can definitely help you, using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. Nothing quicker out there that is drug free and totally safe to use!

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