Cats R Us – or can be!

I was asked recently to work with a cat in the US who had just been diagnosed with abdominal cancer.

I said I would do what I could to help Snookie and did what I usually do first, tune in to the animal and then have a chat with it to see (from the animal’s perspective) what is going on.

According to Snookie, he was terrified he was going to be abandoned. And he felt guilty.

I asked for feedback from Snookie’s (human) mom and dad.

It turned out that the reason Snookie had abandonment issues was that they were arguing a lot and he thought they were going to split up and leave him.

Because of the shouting and anger that went on in the household, Snookie did his best to (in his words to me) suck up all this anger as it hurt my ears… I couldn’t stand the noise. The guilt? He felt guilty because he had not been able to suck up all the anger – they were still arguing and shouting – and now he had this huge cancerous growth in his stomach area.

Yesterday I was asked to ‘chat’ with a dog – Flapjack (name changed) that had picked up a severe bacterial infection. They had taken the dog to the vet to be checked up – and injections given etc. But the mom wanted me to speak to the dog as she (the mom) was about to leave on vacation for two months and she wanted to make sure that her beloved dog was going to be OK.

Recently, this person had suffered the loss of a dear friend, a cousin and most recently, a valued work colleague and family friend who was murdered.

I chatted with Flapjack and found that she wanted her mom to know that she understood what she was going through and decided that being in pain would be a good way to show her that. She (the dog) needed her mom to know she was there for her and what better way, according Flapjack, than to actually be in pain.

I find this in many of my animal clients. The energy their human caretakers put out is reflected in what is happening with their companion animals.

If we are all composed of energy (and quantum physics would say that we are) then it makes a lot of sense to me that those closest to us will pick up on what our energetic levels are at any given time.

When our immune systems are ‘down’ then our energy levels are different and even if we do our best to be brave, think positive thoughts, use will power, whatever else you can think of… we are only activating the conscious part of our minds, the rationalising part. Until we allow ourselves to activate the emotional part of ourselves, we will still be stressing our immune systems, thus continuing to stress ourselves and any companion animals we may have.

Tapping does help – with grief, marital harmony, disease and more.

So if you feel that life has been a bit hard on you recently – or maybe not recently, maybe something has been bothering you for years now – then know that help is available. Being brave to me is realising that there are times when you need help; that you are not managing by going it alone.

If you need some professional help, just contact me, Maureen, and I will be very happy to help you help yourself.

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