Pumpkin – from dumpster to a la carte dining

Pumpkin is an adult cat that lives in New York. She was suffering from seizures which her vet ascribed to having bacteria in her blood that she picked up when living off the land – getting food wherever she could to stay alive when she was a small kitten. She is currently on Phenobarbital to help control the seizures but this is not the optimum outcome her human parents would like for her. Hence Stuff Busters being called in.

The remainder of the article describes in somewhat shorter form the work that I did with Pumpkin.

I first did an overview – which is what I do for all my animal clients. I ‘chat’ with the animal and ask it what issues it has, what happened to it when younger etc. This gives me the animal view as opposed to the human ‘owner’ view or the vet view.

Pumpkin (hereafter referred to as P for brevity) was full of fear that she would have another of the ‘bad things’ (the seizures) and be tossed away (her words). She was also extremely embarrassed about what she had had to eat to stay alive when smaller, after her mother died. She said she and her sisters were then all alone and had to fend for themselves. She did not want to tell me what she ate so I did some muscle testing and found out she had not had to eat either her mother or any of her sisters.

She also stated that she really didn’t like this drug as it slowed her down a lot.

I referred this overview back to her human parents and got the go ahead to begin working with P.

We first worked on the fear she had of the bad things happening again. We used normal surrogate EFT for this. She definitely relaxed and felt a lot better.

The next time I worked with her we looked at the early dining and food experiences. We worked on the embarrassment and that she was not a good cat because of what she had had to do. Once we cleared the embarrassment and she felt a lot calmer I introduced Matrix Reimprinting to her.

Basically when I do MR with an animal I am doing double surrogate work as I do not have the animal there with me and the animal does not in its current form do the actual MR work on its younger self. It is a very complex procedure that I have developed to help animals.

We worked with the younger P who had the embarrassment issues over the food and changed that memory for her. Instead of the dumpsters and unsavoury places that she had had to eat at, she changed the picture in her mind to a totally different one. This involved sleeping on a huge gold coloured chair with lots of purple and red cushions. She could eat whatever she wanted and had a tall man/butler (wearing a bow tie she added) who used a gold spoon to put her food into a yellow bowl for her along with her fresh drinking water any time she felt hungry or thirsty.

This was the new memory we reimprinted for her. Feedback from her human parents indicates that she is much more relaxed, going from strength to strength – basically a changed cat. We are now waiting for the next blood tests to be taken to see if the bacteria have disappeared from her blood. When those results are available her parents will, in consultation with P’s vet, decide to reduce the medication and eventually stop it altogether.

More power to Pumpkin!

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