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Over the past ten years, Stuff Busters has helped people with numerous issues – from caring for your plants to cancer, from fear of public speaking to fear of flying, from weight issues to working on improving your golf score. You name it, we can help you with it! And in a shorter time frame than most traditional therapies.


We don’t want to see you month after month after month – most of our clients see significant improvements in one or two sessions.


And to make it even easier, we can also do this over the phone or using Skype! So you don’t even need to be in the same country for us to be able to help you help yourself!

How much does it cost?  An initial session is ninety minutes long.  The first half hour is free. We chat, get to know each other a bit and if you feel comfortable with allowing me to help you then we carry on with the rest of the session.  Payment of $50 is in advance and if you decide that you do not want to continue with the session, I will refund in full.

Subsequent sessions are an hour (sixty minutes) in length and the cost is also $50, payable in advance.


Any questions? Contact us now so we can help you begin to experience the life you deserve!

Companion and other animals

I have had great success in helping companion and other animals.  I am not a vet and would always ask that you confirm that any animal you would like me to work with has been checked by your vet before we work together.  


I can help animals with various diseases which to some would indicate a physical issue.  To me, there is always an emotional issue at play - conscious or sub-conscious - and most of the time human caregivers also need to be involved for optimum results.


The way I work with animals is I ask you to send me a history detailing as much as you know about the animal, when it came to live with you, other animals in the home, any past traumas that you are aware of - basically anything and everything that you can tell me.  


Why do I need all this if I am going to 'chat' with the animal?  Because they do not know that they have XXX disease or that you might be planning on getting divorced, moving house etc.  Animals are very practical - they will sense your energy and pick up on it so if I know in advance of chatting that specific issues are in play, I can then steer the conversation towards these issues and find out what their thoughts are and thus how I can help them and you.


I will send you a written report of what I find, if there are issues that I think I can help with, any issues that you as the human caretaker need to work on, basically if I can help.  I charge a fee of $50 for this.


You can then decide if you wish me to help with any particular issue that I found.  I then charge a fee of $50 for each issue - I do not chat with an animal for an hour in one go (as is the case with my human clients).  I chat for a while, send you feedback on what I find, you check your animal for a day or two and then send me feedback on any changes.  


This is extremely important.  If you do not send me feedback I have no idea what you as the human involved is doing.  I have had cases where animals have decided to move on to another life due to not getting relevant feedback from my reports.  I have literally had to convince them to stay in their current life as their caretaker is doing XXX or YYY. 


The fee that I charge is for the duration of the issue.  If it is resolved in a week, great.  If it takes some time, I do not charge any further fees.


I do not need to meet the animal - in fact most of my animal clients are international ones.


Yes this might seem strange but I know it works. You can read about many of the animals I have helped in the Animal Case Studies section of the site.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions before we begin our journey together.


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