Losing weight - how easy can it be?

There are three components relating to weight issues: physical, emotional and mental. The Physical Level I have worked with many people who want to lose weight. I have experienced my own weight issues from being anorexic as a teenager and later while in an unhappy marriage. I know from experience that each person is different. No one food or activity plan is best for everyone. So, together, in a relaxed environment, we will set goals and develop a plan specifically for your own lifestyle, one which you can easily maintain and enjoy. The Emotional Level Willpower! Do you have it? You are probably telling yourself you are weak, that you don’t have “enough” willpower or else you would not have

Quote of the day - time

Help me to be less fearful of the measure of time, and more fully alive in the time that simply is. Help me to live time, not just to simply use it; to breathe it in, and return it in acts of love and presence. - Avis Crowe

My brush with breast cancer - or how a lump helped improve other lives

How it all started For many years I have “looked after myself”. Eating healthy foods, no animal products, exercising regularly, gynaecological check-ups on a regular basis… At 59 I have been happily remarried for nearly ten years… I have great relationships with my children and step children… a wonderful job… I am spiritually content. So perhaps you can imagine how shocked I was to discover that a benign lump in my right breast, which I had had for fifteen years, suddenly changed at the beginning of 2006. It grew larger and suddenly became painful. Not screaming out loud can’t stand it pain, just a dull ache that sometimes sparked like I was being jabbed with a horse prod. I dutifully went t

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