The little things in life

Sometimes tapping is easy and obvious. For example… you get stung by a wasp… so you tap for the pain and how stupid you were for getting stung… stuff like that. But what about the things that only happen occasionally? You wake up one morning with a stiff shoulder… not so painful that you have to make an immediate appointment with your friendly chiropractor – but your range of motion is restricted. Use tapping then as well. A quick round along the lines of ‘even though I woke up with this stiff shoulder on the right side, I love and accept myself and my shoulder anyway’. Don’t have time in your busy day even for that? We all have to go to the toilet – while you are sitting there, do you da

Letting go of the extra weight you don’t want, don’t need, and get healthy without drugs!

You’ve tried more diets than some people have had hot meals, you rattle from all the so-called miracle weight losing tablets and pills you’ve swallowed over the years, the garage is full of dusty exercise equipment guaranteed to help, you’ve even tried a few off the wall alternate ideas, all to no avail. Sometimes the weight gets less… then as soon as the ‘will power’ isn’t willing, it all comes back and you beat yourself up over it even more. You’ve read all the diet books, bought most of them, signed up for online help, joined help groups… and has any of that helped? Nope. And why not? Because you haven’t changed the way you think and feel about comfort food and food in general. So what

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