Taking a risk

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom.” – Anas Nin, author, diarist Sometimes we see a quote and it really resonates – when I first read the one above I was nodding my head with tears in my eyes. How often do we stay where we are out of fear of change? Fear of ridicule? Fear of guilt? Fear of anger – at ourselves and or others? In my opinion, life is too short for us to stay in that painful but ‘safe’ place. Life should be lived to the full… we should be happy, we should be peaceful, able to appreciate the sun shining in the sky and the birds singing. Easy for you to write you might be thinking. All those ‘shoulds’ – I should

My cat was allergic to his food

We have six cats – I have used EFT on all of them at various times with great success. But – my big ginger cat, Uti (so named as he has a kink or u-turn in his tail) still seemed to have issues. I used EFT on his abandonment issues (he was taken to a pet shop at a very young age), his embarrassment issues (he didn’t know how to wash himself as the other cats do and consequently slurps loudly when washing himself), his inability to dig holes when using either the indoor litter tray or outside in the garden (he would go sitting on top of the litter and then spend many minutes vainly trying to cover it up, getting agitated in the process). All the issues above were sorted by using EFT. When we

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