Matrix Reimprinting – what is it?

If you are interested in EFT or meridian tapping and have heard the words ‘Matrix Reimprinting’ (MR) and are wondering what it’s all about, read on! Yes you still use EFT (the tapping) but.. big but! Now you can go much further. Gary Craig used to say EFT was the ground floor of a healing high-rise. If EFT is the ground floor, then MR is a few stories up. Here is a quick overview of the differences between EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. Karl Dawson, the inventor of MR says the following: EFT is like going to a cinema or movie house and watching a movie. You see something that disturbs you; you then use EFT (tapping) to remove the negative emotions that the scene or scenes in the movie have br

Where to start.

There are times when we know exactly what to say while we are tapping. For example: you take a hot baking dish out of the oven and you manage to burn yourself a bit where the oven glove slipped. Even though I burnt my hand I love and accept myself – or – even though I should have taken more care with the oven gloves I love and accept myself anyway. What about the times when we feel overwhelmed? The baby kept you up all night (in my case let’s say one of our many cats was rushing around the house trying to catch a mouse…) and you didn’t get a lot of sleep. The next day you find the car battery seemingly died overnight and now how are you going to get to work? Then… and so it goes. Rather

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