Animals and EFT

The cat and the hair dryer

The cat and the hair dryerI decided I would try EFT on one of my cats, Matewis (it is an Afrikaans word and is pronounced Ma-teeah-vis) for her fear of the hair dryer.

In the past, when I went into the bedroom and opened the dresser where the dreaded hair dryer lives, she would leap off our bed in absolute panic, even if she had been asleep, and fly out of the room as fast as she could.

Like many of us, we use EFT for ‘big things’ but on small things such as Matewis’ fear of the hair dryer it had not occurred to me to help her fix her fear.

I started off by not even opening the drawer in the dresser but watched her asleep on the bed and started tapping for her.

Even though I hate that black thing: the noise it makes: it really hurts my ears: I am a great cat.
Even though that black thing is out to get me, I am a great cat.
Even though that black thing makes a terrible noise and I can’t stand it: I am a great cat.

EB: I hate that black thing
OE: I can’t stand the noise
UE: I know it is out to get me
UN: How come the other cats sleep through it?
UC: It must hurt their ears
CB: Maybe I am more sensitive than they are
UA: I am the only girl around here
TOH: I hate the noise it makes

Then I did another round (while she was still sleeping on the bed)
Even though I feel embarrassed when I leap off the bed and rush off, I am still a great cat
Even though even Uti** is OK with the black thing and I can sit outside in the thunder and he can’t, I am still a great cat.
(** our ginger cat and the one who has had the most EFT as he had the most issues in the past)

EB: I feel embarrassed about this
OE: I am supposed to be the queen cat and look at me
UE: I need to do something about this but what?
UN: Maybe I can ignore the noise
UC: Maybe I can act like the other cats and ignore that nasty black thing
CB: I can do anything I want to, I am the great Matewis
UA: I am in control here
TOH: I can safely ignore the black thing

I then opened the drawer and carefully took out the hair dryer. Matewis opened her eyes and looked at me. Then she closed them again and went back to sleep. Great improvement! I waved the hair dryer around: nothing happened. I plugged it in: turned it on low by the side of the bed away from her and she looked up. Then she stretched and walked off the bed and sauntered out of the bedroom.

Round one to EFT!

She is not always in the bedroom asleep when I want to dry my hair but over a period of a week or so I would continue to tap on her when she was on the bed. The next time I took out the hair dryer and placed it on the bed. She just sat and looked at it. I went and tapped on her between her eyebrows, saying:

Even though I don’t like that black thing I am the brave Matewis
Even though I was embarrassed by the black thing I can ignore it and the noise it makes
Even though I am the only one who seems bothered by the black thing, what if I wasn’t?

I then tapped on me for the points
EB: I am the brave Matewis
OE: I can do whatever I want
UE: I can safely ignore the black thing
UN: I am just as good as the other cats so I can do the same as they do
UC: I know the black thing will not get me
CB: It hasn’t got me yet
UA: It hasn’t got any of us
TOH: I can do this right now

I plugged in the dryer and began to dry my hair. She sat there and during the course of drying my hair three other cats got up and sauntered off and Matewis did the same.

The last lot of EFT I did for her was as follows:
Even though I’m still not sure about that black thing, I am the great Matewis
Even though I wish it would go away, I am the great Matewis
Even though it might get me one of these days, I can decide to be in control here

Then I did the points tapping on what my EFT therapist had tapped with me on when I had a fear of claustrophobia about putting on my dry suit for water skiing in cold water. She used the words ‘the dry suit is my friend’ and that worked really well.

EB: The black thing is my friend
OE: I am fine with the black thing now
UE: The black thing is my friend
UN: I am in control
UC: The black thing is my friend
CB: I can safely tune out and ignore the noise
UA: The black thing is my friend
TOH: It is easy and safe for me to ignore the black thing right now

Today I opened the drawer, took out the hair dryer, put it on the bed. She meowed hello at me so I patted her and told her how brave she was. She sat there and I plugged it in. I sat on the bed, petting her with one hand and turned on the hair dryer with the other. She was fine. I stopped petting her and kept the dryer on. She looked at me, tucked her paws under her and went back to sleep while I finished drying my hair.

Later I was using my electric razor in the bedroom and she actually came back into the room, jumped on the bed and went to sleep while the razor whined on!

I continue to be amazed at the ‘things’ EFT can do!

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Cats R us or can be!

I was asked recently to work with a cat in the US who had just been diagnosed with abdominal cancer.

My name is Mr Wonderful

My name is Mr Wonderful

I said I would do what I could to help Snookie and did what I usually do first, tune in to the animal and then have a chat with it to see (from the animal’s perspective) what is going on.

According to Snookie, he was terrified he was going to be abandoned. And he felt guilty.

I asked for feedback from Snookie’s (human) mom and dad.

It turned out that the reason Snookie had abandonment issues was that they were arguing a lot and he thought they were going to split up and leave him.

Because of the shouting and anger that went on in the household, Snookie did his best to (in his words to me) suck up all this anger as it hurt my ears… I couldn’t stand the noise. The guilt? He felt guilty because he had not been able to suck up all the anger – they were still arguing and shouting – and now he had this huge cancerous growth in his stomach area.

Yesterday I was asked to ‘chat’ with a dog – Flapjack (name changed) that had picked up a severe bacterial infection. They had taken the dog to the vet to be checked up – and injections given etc. But the mom wanted me to speak to the dog as she (the mom) was about to leave on vacation for two months and she wanted to make sure that her beloved dog was going to be OK.

Recently, this person had suffered the loss of a dear friend, a cousin and most recently, a valued work colleague and family friend who was murdered.

I chatted with Flapjack and found that she wanted her mom to know that she understood what she was going through and decided that being in pain would be a good way to show her that. She (the dog) needed her mom to know she was there for her and what better way, according Flapjack, than to actually be in pain.

I find this in many of my animal clients. The energy their human caretakers put out is reflected in what is happening with their companion animals.

If we are all composed of energy (and quantum physics would say that we are) then it makes a lot of sense to me that those closest to us will pick up on what our energetic levels are at any given time.

When our immune systems are ‘down’ then our energy levels are different and even if we do our best to be brave, think positive thoughts, use will power, whatever else you can think of… we are only activating the conscious part of our minds, the rationalising part. Until we allow ourselves to activate the emotional part of ourselves, we will still be stressing our immune systems, thus continuing to stress ourselves and any companion animals we may have.

Tapping does help – with grief, marital harmony, disease and more.

So if you feel that life has been a bit hard on you recently – or maybe not recently, maybe something has been bothering you for years now – then know that help is available. Being brave to me is realising that there are times when you need help; that you are not managing by going it alone.

If you need some professional help, just contact me (Maureen) and I will be very happy to help you help yourselves.

Animals and tapping – does it work?

I have been helping animals for over five years now using meridian tapping and now also Matrix Reimprinting. So does it work? Absolutely!

my name is Triplet

I am one of the five!

We currently have five cats living with us – and all of them have both experienced and benefited from meridian tapping and MR.

I have successfully helped many cats, dogs horses and birds to have happier lives.

So yes it definitely works but…

What is the ‘but’?

I have also had clients asking me sort out their companion animals – they give me minimal background information and just say (basically!) ‘fix Fluffy’ or ‘sort out Rover’s peeing on the bed’.

No matter how wonderful a helping tool we have in MT and MR, if the issue is with the human then no amount of surrogate tapping work will ‘sort out’ a companion animal without ‘sorting out’ the human issues as well.

Please contact me to help your animals help themselves and let go of old issues (which usually have been with them since kitten or puppyhood) – but also take a look at the environment in which they are living – and see if it would benefit both you and your companion animal to book a session :).

Matewis and the monkeys

Matewis and the monkeysMatewis (pronounced “mat-ear-vis”) is my black cat – whose fear of the hair dryer was successfully treated using surrogate EFT.

A couple of months ago she was bitten by (or so we thought) a feral cat that sometimes comes on to our property. She had a huge bite wound at her throat and it was very unpleasant looking and smelling. I wiped it clean and the fur came away leaving a hole in her skin about the size of a quarter. I did surrogate EFT on her for several days to aid the healing and the hole closed up with no problems and no vet visits.

We live in a development which has a variety of wild animals roaming around it – these include vervet monkeys. All our cats are wary of the monkeys but suddenly Matewis was terrified of them. She was the monkey warning system. ‘Monkeys are coming… prepare yourself!’ seemed to be her motto as she would literally tear through the cat door and hurtle through the house into the bedroom and fling herself under the duvet. ‘If I can’t see them they can’t see me’ appeared to be her thinking.

A few weeks after the bite healed up we noticed she was getting thinner and did not seem to be eating as much. Nothing else was different. Then she started to gag but nothing came up. Then she started to have what I can only describe as thick and gluey saliva. She also started smelling very putrid. I decided to take her to our local vet. He took one look in her mouth and told us she had a huge abscess under her tongue. He kept her in overnight and the next day drained it and we had the usual antibiotics for her to take. He said it could have been from the bite she had that made a tiny puncture wound. I asked him if it could have been a monkey bite as she was now terrified if she even saw a monkey down the driveway. He said it was possible.

I decided to muscle test to see if she had been bitten by a monkey and not a cat and got a positive response. She started eating again and became her usual bossy self (she is the only female with five neutered male cats).

She still seemed to have some difficulty swallowing at times so I decided to ‘chat’ with her (via EFT) and see if she had any ‘monkey fear’ in her throat.

Lots of monkey fear… so we did some tapping.

Even though I have this monkey fear and it is all in my throat, I am a good cat.
Even though I am terrified of those monkeys I am a great cat.
Even though I thought I was going to die when that horrible monkey bit me, I am a great cat and I am working through this right now.

Then the tapping…

This monkey fear
I hate those monkeys
They want to kill me
I wish they would all disappear
I hate those monkeys
They are bigger than I am
They could bite me again
This monkey fear

Then I did another round on the remaining fear.

Even though that nasty monkey bit me I am a brave cat and I am working through this.
Even though that horrible monkey bit me I don’t have to live in fear any longer – I am the great Matewis and I am working through this right now.
Even though I have been terrified of those nasty monkeys, I can choose to let this fear go right now as I am the great Matewis.


I am a brave cat
I had a go at that monkey that bit me
I bet he won’t try that again anytime soon
I am a brave cat
I can let this fear leave my body right now
It is safe and easy for this monkey fear to leave my body right now
I am a brave cat
I deserve to let this monkey fear leave my body right now

Big sighs… so we did one last round.

Even though I still have some of this monkey fear in my throat, I am working through this right now – I am the great Matewis.
Even though there is still a little bit of monkey fear left and it is like a big lump in my throat, I am working through this.
Even though the monkey fear has not totally gone yet, I am working through this right now – I am a great cat.


This remaining monkey fear in my throat
It is safe to release it all right now
I am a brave cat
I can just keep my distance from the monkeys; I do not have to run away
I am safe and brave
I can let this remaining fear leave my body right now
This remaining monkey fear leaving my body right now
Safe and easy for this remaining monkey fear to leave my body right now

All done. What remained was to see whether the fear had gone! Sure enough that opportunity arrived yesterday afternoon. Matewis was asleep on a chair outside the door on our patio and suddenly there were monkeys all over the place. I looked outside and a huge monkey was sitting on the garden wall looking at Matewis. He was not as big as a baboon but he was a big monkey – probably at least 3 feet tall. Matewis was lying curled up not even bothered by him.

Taking no chances I opened the door and called her. She looked up at the monkey, stretched herself, slowly got down from her chair and walked inside the house where she walked to the bedroom and sat on the floor and started to wash herself.

Wow! What a difference! I could hardly believe what I had just seen!

I went and patted her and told her how brave she was. She just looked at me and purred. This morning the monkeys came through again and she just watched them while sitting outside on the patio again.

Another triumph for EFT!!

Uti and the bite

My ginger cat, UtiSome readers will already have heard of my ginger cat, Uti. For those that have not read about him before, he was purchased from a pet shop at a far too early age, not house trained at all, had no hygiene skills etc. when he came to me. He had no idea how to dig holes to use for his toilet purposes (and still doesn’t really know what to do) and makes very loud slurps when he washes himself.

I have worked on him for his fear of thunder, his inability to eat premium cat food (he used to have permanent diarrhoea) and his basic self confidence – all with success using EFT.

We have recently moved from a complex (townhouses) in the city of Johannesburg) to a large piece of land in Hartbeespoort. It is a bush-like area with large pieces of land and you cannot easily see your neighbour’s houses.

In the past Uti would be extremely cautious leaving the house: checking for who knows what (I am sure Uti knew what he was checking for) and generally not being venturesome at all.

When we moved here he appeared to have a personality makeover. He became Action Cat. He was the first one to use the cat flap in and out (they have not had to use a cat flap before): he explored the land, the other side of the road, down the road, under the culvert: he was Out There, showing the other five cats how it was done.

He was so proud of himself – being a trail blazer, doing things the others wouldn’t or couldn’t do. What a change for him!

Then: tragedy struck.

Our cat door has different settings and unbeknown to me the person who does our house cleaning inadvertently moved the setting key when she was cleaning the mud off the cat flap and in doing so stopped the cats from being able to get in from the outside (they wear magnets on their collars). We have a ‘racoon proof’ door to keep out the monkeys.

At 3am we heard screaming and wailing and rushed to see what was going on. We had to find the key to open the door and let in poor Uti who rushed in, bleeding profusely, panting and in total shock. Something had bitten him that was small enough to come through the cat sized hole in the wall and he was unable to push open the flap and escape.

We examined him and found a largish bite mark on one of his back feet. I put a drop of lavender essential oil on it and we put Uti on the bed to calm him down.

I immediately lay there and did surrogate EFT for Uti on and off throughout the rest of the night. I also did EFT on me for the guilt I felt that this trusting cat could not get in through the door.

The next day he lay on the bed, licking his wound and basically doing nothing. He limped badly if I put him on the floor and he hid behind some packing boxes for the rest of the day. That night he lay on our bed right next to me and did not move off the bed at all. I did more EFT on him for healing the wound, that he was a brave cat etc.

He continued to lie around and lick the wound and not do much else.

The following day I was out walking and wondering what else I could do for Uti when this big cloud of sadness came over me and I got tears in my eyes. He was a failure: he was depressed because he had ‘failed’ yet again. Everything he did was a failure: he couldn’t dig holes, couldn’t wash himself properly, slurped when he washed himself: and now this. He was a total failure now he had gotten bitten. None of the other cats had gotten bitten. Only Uti the Failure.

I did several rounds of EFT on him, working on Even though I feel like a failure I am a great cat: Even though I got bitten I am a trail blazing action cat: Even though I failed again I didn’t really fail as I now have a ‘war wound’ to show for myself and I am still a great cat.

I tapped on myself saying I am an action cat: I have war wounds to show for my bravery: I am a great cat: the other cats didn’t go outside like I did: I am a trail blazing cat: I am Uti the Action Cat: I can be a day Action Cat – I don’t have to go out at night if I don’t want to: nobody goes out at night: and felt a huge sigh.

I came back home and found Uti and stroked him and told him he was still our Action Cat: he was the bravest cat we had.

About an hour later I was working at my PC when I felt a cat brushing and bumping around my legs to say hello. I absent-mindedly patted the cat and then realised it was Uti! No limping! Purring around me as usual!

I stopped work and petted him and hugged him and told him what a fantastic Action Cat he was: he seemed very happy and he went and ate some biscuits without limping. Then he hopped up on a chair and went to sleep in a normal position not all hunched up.

He has gone from strength to strength: no more limping: swelling in his foot totally gone (also his front foot was swollen and that has gone down and is healing nicely) and he is now running about like he used to. Today I saw him across the road again with two of the other cats following him!

So once again, a big thank you to EFT – no vet visit, no drugs pumped into his system, emotionally healed as well as physically healed.

Uti the Action Cat takes a bow!

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Pumpkin – from dumpster to a la carte dining

Pumpkin is an adult cat that lives in New York. She was suffering from seizures which her vet ascribed to having bacteria in her blood that she picked up when living off the land – getting food wherever she could to stay alive when she was a small kitten. She is currently on Phenobarbital to help control the seizures but this is not the optimum outcome her human parents would like for her. Hence Stuff Busters being called in.

I feel soooo relaxed now!

Photo credit: Falk Schaaf

The remainder of the article describes in somewhat shorter form the work that I did with Pumpkin.

I first did an overview – which is what I do for all my animal clients. I ‘chat’ with the animal and ask it what issues it has, what happened to it when younger etc. This gives me the animal view as opposed to the human ‘owner’ view or the vet view.

Pumpkin (hereafter referred to as P for brevity) was full of fear that she would have another of the ‘bad things’ (the seizures) and be tossed away (her words). She was also extremely embarrassed about what she had had to eat to stay alive when smaller, after her mother died. She said she and her sisters were then all alone and had to fend for themselves. She did not want to tell me what she ate so I did some muscle testing and found out she had not had to eat either her mother or any of her sisters.

She also stated that she really didn’t like this drug as it slowed her down a lot.

I referred this overview back to her human parents and got the go ahead to begin working with P.

We first worked on the fear she had of the bad things happening again. We used normal surrogate EFT for this. She definitely relaxed and felt a lot better.

The next time I worked with her we looked at the early dining and food experiences. We worked on the embarrassment and that she was not a good cat because of what she had had to do. Once we cleared the embarrassment and she felt a lot calmer I introduced Matrix Reimprinting to her.

Basically when I do MR with an animal I am doing double surrogate work as I do not have the animal there with me and the animal does not in its current form do the actual MR work on its younger self. It is a very complex procedure that I have developed to help animals.

We worked with the younger P who had the embarrassment issues over the food and changed that memory for her. Instead of the dumpsters and unsavoury places that she had had to eat at, she changed the picture in her mind to a totally different one. This involved sleeping on a huge gold coloured chair with lots of purple and red cushions. She could eat whatever she wanted and had a tall man/butler (wearing a bow tie she added) who used a gold spoon to put her food into a yellow bowl for her along with her fresh drinking water any time she felt hungry or thirsty.

This was the new memory we reimprinted for her. Feedback from her human parents indicates that she is much more relaxed, going from strength to strength – basically a changed cat. We are now waiting for the next blood tests to be taken to see if the bacteria have disappeared from her blood. When those results are available her parents will, in consultation with P’s vet, decide to reduce the medication and eventually stop it altogether.

More power to Pumpkin!

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Helping Two Cats with Declawing Issues

I have recently been involved with two cats who live in the US (I am currently living in Johannesburg South Africa). Their owner wanted me to do an EFT ‘overview’ on them to see if they had any issues that needed sorting out.

She sent me pics of the two cats, Paddy and Tiger*** and a bit of background info on when she got them, how old they were etc.

I did an overview on them and discovered that the biggest issue for both of them was that they had been declawed many years previously and were still carrying around lots of emotional ‘stuff’ regarding this.

It was agreed that I would then do individual surrogate sessions with each of the cats and I muscle tested to find out which cat to work with first as during my initial evaluation they were both extremely emotional about the declawing.

I was ‘told’ to deal with Tiger first, so I did.

I usually do my EFT surrogate sessions while out walking as I find I can tune out any distractions. I start by saying I am doing this for XXX… I am doing this for XXX. Then I think about what to say for the set up and take it from there.

I begin by muscle testing to see what is the primary emotion I need to deal with – and for Tiger what first came up was anger. I started to tap on even though I am angry that… and got no further as there was too much emotion and Tiger could not let me say ‘declawing’ – it was far too emotional a word. We then settled on ‘this terrible thing that happened to me’ and he seemed OK with that.

So… even though I am angry that this terrible thing happened to me I am a great cat. No way! Tiger ranted at himself saying how could he be a great cat – he doesn’t have any claws… how could he call himself a great cat… how could he be named Tiger when he didn’t act like a Tiger – couldn’t act like a Tiger.
I just tapped around my face points and kept tapping on the collarbone point while he calmed down a bit. Then out of the blue the word ‘guilt’ leapt out of my head and I burst into tears. I was so upset (or rather Tiger was so upset) that I couldn’t stand up. I thought I would have to sit in the road as I couldn’t breathe, was sobbing so hard I couldn’t see where I was walking.

I just kept tapping my collarbone and after a few minutes I/Tiger had calmed down enough to talk through the tapping points. I was amazed that he felt guilty. I would have expected him to feel angry or depressed perhaps but not guilty that he hadn’t stopped the declawing.

If anyone thinks that when doing the surrogate EFT you use your own thoughts, then this ‘guilt’ should help them understand that I just tune into the animal. There is no way I would ever have thought that a cat would feel guilty; in fact I think guilt would be the last emotion that would ever come to me!

We tapped on it was not my fault – I didn’t know what they were going to do to me – my mommy thought it was the right thing to do at the time – lots of rounds on it was not my fault and I forgive myself even though I couldn’t do anything about stopping it.

After several rounds of that, Tiger calmed down and we were able to mention the DC word. We worked through his anger at the vet that did the op – and anger at his mommy for not thinking more –

Eventually after about 20 minutes of tapping we got his anger down to zero for his mommy and himself and his guilt down to zero. He would not forgive the vet though and it took another session (the next day) to get him to agree to say I am open to the possibility of being open to the possibility of forgiving that vet. But not yet.

The next day I tuned in to Paddy about the declawing. He was depressed, not very angry. We did set ups of ‘even though I feel life is not worth living, after that terrible thing that happened to me, I am working through this’. He also could not say he was a great cat… as he felt so down about himself.

We did rounds on what is the point of living… I have no claws – I am not a real cat. I see no point in eating… and eventually we got more positive and he decided that he liked his life.

As the depression lifted, anger came to the fore and we had to do several rounds on that: even though I am so angry with that vet for telling my mommy it would be a good thing to take my claws away, I AM a great cat – in fact that is what you must call me, the Great Paddy – and I am working through this.

He forgave himself for not stopping the op. I found it interesting that both the cats felt that they ‘should’ have done more to stop the declawing.

Paddy also was not open to forgiving the vet totally. He also needed some positive reinforcement after we lifted the depression. He told me that his self image was at a 7 out of 10 but he wanted it to be a 10! So… even though I still have some issues with my self image I am a great cat, I am the Great Paddy and I am working through this.

Two rounds later and he was at a 10 and feeling very confident!

The next day (I allow one day for the changes to be assimilated) he was feeling fine but still not open to forgiving the vet. He said he was happy to have that bit of anger still there for the time being but did think eventually he would forgive the vet.

Feedback from their mommy has been that they both seem more confident and less depressed after doing the EFT. There are other issues that we can work through such as their jealousy of each other (‘jealousy? what jealousy’ said Tiger snippily. I have no issues with jealousy although others might!) but are letting the declawing settle a bit first.

I work with people and animals and have to admit a sneaking preference for cats – we have five of our own plus a lodger cat, Splodge, whom I have written about in another mail.

It is really wonderful that I can help so many animals however far away from me they are physically, thanks to EFT!

*** names have been changed

A Changed Cat!

My husband and I have five cats living with us, all from shelters and adopted.a changed cat...
We moved to a new town house complex some months back and found to our delight that there were cats living in most of the houses. I think there were two dogs living next door who were the only dogs around!

We found a ‘stray’ cat who used to terrify our cats and seemingly everyone else’s cats here… attacking them, coming in for food etc. and spraying all over the place.

Being cat lovers, my immediate neighbours did not want to get rid of Splodge as I named him (due to his being a white cat with splodges of black all over!) but were prepared to club together to get him neutered and fixed up in general.

Problem was that there was no way to catch him. He would descend on a garden with fur flying and then disappear. Everyone shouting and chasing him did not help I am sure!

Anyway… I decided to see if EFT could help him. I had used EFT on several of my cats with physical ailments, swollen paws, etc. and also fear of thunder with great success.

I tuned into Splodge and what I ‘found’ was that he was desperate for a home. He was jealous of the other cats as they had beds to sleep on and unlimited food etc.

He said he didn’t want to attack them but he couldn’t help himself and he hated himself for his behaviour. We did some more surrogate EFT on him/with him and it was very emotional… I cried lots of tears on his behalf. He eventually realised through the EFT that if he wanted any shot at a home he would have to stop this behaviour, and he would have to learn to trust at least one person.

He agreed to give it a try: and I also started to put food out for him… slowly would approach him if I saw him sleeping in a bush etc. After a few days of doing this, he would let me approach him. Then I did some more EFT on him/with him and he agreed to try a bit harder to trust. He said his resolution for 2007 was to get himself a loving home. He is focussed on that.

He then allowed me to touch him and feed him and brush him. Virtually overnight from then on he became the most friendly trusting affectionate cat you could ever wish to meet!

People in the complex would stop me and say what a great cat… where did he come from? Other people would stop and pet him and he loved every minute of it. Last week we got him fixed. No problem to put him in the cat cage… he just sat in the cage in the car while we took him to the vet. The vet said he was a ‘sweetheart’ of a cat and gave us a discount on the op!

We are now looking for a great home for Splodge as I simply cannot add another cat to our household.

EFT definitely came through for Splodge!

Stress-free lives for animals?

Stress free lives for animalsIn all the rushing around we do with our hectic lifestyles, do we ever stop and wonder if our pets and animals around us are stressed?

Companion animals are great stress relievers themselves. Our cats come and sit on our laps, purring with content when we stroke them. Our dogs look up at us with loving eyes when we pet them or take them for walks. Do they themselves become stressed at times?

Taking them to the vet for example. Wouldn’t it be great if the vet came to you instead of having to transport your beloved feline or canine friend in (possibly) a cage, in a car, through the traffic with lots of noise and external stimuli? Unlikely for this to happen so how about helping them become less stressed and more calm.

Using a therapy called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) you can help your companion animals relax. You can also help them heal themselves. You can truly make a difference in their lives in many ways using this easy and drug free therapy.

Here are some examples of what can be achieved using EFT.

Frisco is a large golden retriever who hated thunder and loud noises such as fire crackers. He would literally go berserk when a storm approached, hurling himself through screen doors and ripping moldings from walls, smashing windows: the only way to reduce his fear was by using drugs to calm him down.

After one session of EFT he became calmer and his owners no longer had to drug him to survive a storm. He now can be taken outside when it is raining and thundering and basically shrugs his doggy shoulders and has no negative response to the noise at all.

Another golden retriever Jake (he lives with Frisco) kept getting benign lumps all over himself. Drugs, natural remedies – nothing helped. I did some remote EFT for him and we found out that he was sooooooo jealous of Frisco as Frisco got everything first. He got more love, more treats, and all Jake was worth (he felt) was to get lumps because at least then he got attention. The fact that this was not actually true was immaterial. It was how Jake perceived things that we needed to find out and then fix. Now Jake’s owners take them out for walks separately, feed them separately and the lumps have disappeared.

One of our cats, Snowball, had skin cancer, due to his life in New Hampshire in the USA where he would lie for hours in the sun, even in the snow! We only realised that his ratty looking ears were not the results of various fights he got into but were evidence of skin cancer when we took him for a check up when we had moved to South Africa (of course the cats came with us, jet-set travelers from New York!) We took him for radiation therapy with our wonderful vet, Georgina Crewe, and he was deemed to be fine. A daily dose of high protection factor sun screen on his ears was the on-going prescription. We took him for regular checkups and after a year the cancer had returned, albeit in a small area.

More radiation therapy. While we were at the clinic waiting our turn, I saw several cats in bad shape: stages 3 and 4 cancer. One big ginger cat was in so much pain he continually rubbed his nose with his paw, causing it to bleed all over the place, even though he was heavily sedated. I now had EFT to help me! That night I did some remote EFT on O’Malley. It was very emotional – the thoughts that he sent me were that he was fearful that he would be ‘thrown away’ now he was ugly with his skin cancer. I tapped for him and eventually he calmed down. When I saw him the next day at the clinic, I could hardly believe what I saw! His nose had healed a great deal; no more bleeding – he was much calmer.

Another cat, Lillywhite, had skin cancer on her nose and ears and also had a growth on one of her paws that the vet said was unheard of in cats. The only solution was to remove the arm/front leg up to the shoulder to prevent the cancer from spreading. That night I did some remote EFT with Lillywhite and it was amazing to hear her say to me I am waving my paw in the healing light. She said that over and over again. She seemed in full control of her healing. She still had more treatments to undergo but at the last check up with Snowball I asked Georgina how she was doing. Much better I was told. Finished her treatments and the growth was removed – but she kept her paw and arm.

Back to Snowball! Now I had the experience of EFT I did some on him. He told me that the reason he got the skin cancer in the first place was that he didn’t really like having other cats living with him. We currently have five including Snowball, all refugees from shelters and one who adopted us when he had been abandoned by his previous owners.

With tapping he realised that if he didn’t get so stressed he wouldn’t get the skin cancer coming back. That would mean he wouldn’t need to have that pesky sun screen rubbed on his ears every day. He made a decision to allow himself to be more relaxed around the other cats in return for which I would not put the sun screen on his ears. His ears now need to be seen to be believed. They look better than they have in years – I can stroke them and he doesn’t flinch. He is much less stressed around the other cats and looks years younger and actually rejuvenated.

I have tapped on Mango (one of our black and white cats) when he came limping in to the bathroom – a quick round of tapping for his front paw and he trotted out on all four paws, no sign of a limp. A few weeks back he appeared to have a blocked tear duct and dirt was collecting in his one eye. A round of tapping – everything back to normal overnight.

EFT benefits are not only for companion animals – I have done remote tapping for horses and even birds, all with great success. I have done EFT for animals I have never met!

So before you decide to trade in your companion animal for behaviour you can’t tolerate, try some EFT – you will be pleasantly surprised!

My cat was allergic to its food

We have six cats – I have used EFT on all of them at various times with great success.

I feel soo much better now!

My ginger cat

But – my big ginger cat, Uti (so named as he has a kink or u-turn in his tail) still seemed to have issues.

I used EFT on his abandonment issues (he was taken to a pet shop at a very young age), his embarrassment issues (he didn’t know how to wash himself as the other cats do and consequently slurps loudly when washing himself), his inability to dig holes when using either the indoor litter tray or outside in the garden (he would go sitting on top of the litter and then spend many minutes vainly trying to cover it up, getting agitated in the process).

All the issues above were sorted by using EFT.

When we first got Uti he was used to eating fairly cheap dry cat food and seemed to have no problems with the food. My cats all eat premium dry food and all are thriving on it – apart from Uti.

He started pooping in the office, in the bedroom, in the bath, anywhere but where he should be going. To be blunt, the smell was appalling – as was the texture.

I did EFT on his digestive system – seemed to help. Then the pooping got worse – every single night he would go in my husband’s bathroom… the smell was so strong that it woke me up at 3 or 4 in the morning!

Husband threatened Uti with leaving the household: I did all the clearing up but that was not the issue.

I was very puzzled… every other time I had used EFT on my cats (as well as with other cat and animal clients around the world) EFT was successful.

One early morning after another cleanup, I was lying in bed wondering what else I could try – then suddenly ‘allergy’ came into my head. Once I was up and about that morning, I went for my daily walk. I tuned into to Uti and he said that he was definitely allergic to the food. He wanted the cheap stuff back as he was fed up with his insides gurgling plus the fact that he felt unloved by my husband.

I did a couple of rounds on ‘even though this food is too rich for me I am still a great cat’ – and then one on ‘even though I am allergic to this rich food I am still a great cat’.

I heaved a big sigh – went back home and looked at Uti. His eyes seemed calmer and he was looking very sprightly – he didn’t hide under the dresser as he usually did.

That night before I went to sleep I did some EFT on me, in case I was focusing on what I thought was going to happen: ‘even though part of me thinks that Uti might poop in the bathroom again tonight, I now know that he is fine’.

Next morning – nothing in the bathroom! Uti was up and about, went outside – ran up a tree (unheard of for him) and generally seemed much calmer and peaceful.

Over the next few days he stuck up for himself more, didn’t run and hide under the dresser if one of the other cats looked at him – in fact he batted a couple of them himself, just with one paw as if to say ah so this is how it feels to stand my ground.

I waited for a few days and then we had another incident in the bathroom. This time it didn’t seem to smell so bad… and when I got up to investigate, Uti was sitting in the bathroom as if to say ‘here – check it out – much better!’ And it was. No more nasty liquid, normal stools in form and smell.

That was the last time he has pooped in the house. I leave all the room doors open now – he goes everywhere. He has lost some weight, plays a lot more, stays out sitting in the sunshine or under a shady tree instead of just spending all his time asleep on our bed.

It is now two months since I did the allergy EFT on him – I wanted to make sure that I had finally got to the core issue regarding the food.

EFT actually saved Uti from having to leave our house. My husband is happy with him again and most important, Uti is happy with himself.

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My cat is dying!

This consult was done entirely via e-mail for feedback and surrogate EFT for help. So that makes the process (reading about it) a long one. I will do my best to put in the relevant info and as much about the actual tapping as I can. I feel that this is a great example of the bonding between owner and cat… The more I work with animals the more I find that issues are linked.

EFT helped me a lot

EFT helped me a lot

My cat client was in Montreal, Canada and had just turned 19. Her mommy, Martha (not her real name), wrote to me asking if I could check out Hot Spice (not her real name) as she thought the move to Montreal had stressed Hot Spice out as well as her own stresses were being picked up by HS (Hot Spice).

I asked her to send me info on HS, background, history etc. which she did. Before I could even do the overview, I got an urgent e-mail telling me that HS was not doing well and please to help her any way I could.

I immediately tuned into HS and was shocked to hear that she had had enough of this life… she was ready to go over the Rainbow Bridge but was very worried about leaving Martha as she thought she would not be able to cope without her. She was feeling very depressed about how she felt and overwhelmed in general.

I asked HS if I could help her pass without pain and if so could we do some tapping for her. She agreed to that so we started with EFT on the dehydration and constipation and lack of energy.

Our set ups were along the lines of ‘even though I have no energy and all I want is to go over the Rainbow Bridge, I am open to the suggestion that I could have more energy and go peacefully and without pain’.

We sent lots of healing light to her kidneys to help them improve – also asked for more energy to her whole body so she could drink more and get her appetite back.

Even though my kidneys are not working well yet, I ask the Universe and my body to send lots of healing light and energy to my body to help me.

After several rounds with many tears, she/me gave three or four big sighs… which means she was releasing past stress.

We then sent lots more healing energy to her – she then said she was feeling better and that at 19 she is not old and not yet ready to go over the Rainbow Bridge… she said she wanted to be around for a lot longer – she said she and her mommy make a great team :). She thought 22 was a good age to go.

She said she has an appetite now and was looking forward to eating. She was also going to drink more to stop the constipation and also the dehydration. She definitely seemed a lot more cheerful to me when we finished.

I sent this feedback off to Martha, hoping that I would get some good news back. When you are working with animals in other countries you cannot see the improvement that you work on. It is not up to me when an animal is going to die, I just do what I can using EFT to help.

Here is what Martha sent me: Praise the Lord! and praise again for sending you our way Maureen…. what a difference it made knowing you were there, even if it seems so far away, but not really, we’re indeed very close…

She is better and the timing is right: I felt you working with us, I saw the tears, it was 2 a.m. here. We had a long night. She was passing urine with blood. So I kept checking each time. She drank lots of water and then her appetite came back, just as you described. The bleeding gradually stopped.

It’s 9 am here and she is sleeping right now, her breathing much more relaxed and deep. I’d like you work with her kidneys/intestines/bladder/digestion/appetite if you feel it still needs more healing till she is ‘safe’. God bless your heart.

The next day Martha took HS to her vet. She says: I visited with the vet at 11 a.m. (I had to do a bit of EFT on me before going in – I realized how much the underlying voice of defeat and hopelessness takes over, for me and for HS. I’d like to work on that with you, but more on that later).

The vet insists all symptoms are signs of a very stressed kidney. Of course, he tells me her age, which I understand, and tries to prepare me for the worst.

She is calm now, and after I fed her (she ate a little bit) she went back to sleep. I feel that’s good since the bladder is not urging her and when she curls up, I feel she is comfortable and relaxed.

The next day Martha wrote that HS started to be more herself at 1.30 am. She ate her breakfast. She took HS to the vet and he was a little surprised. He acknowledged he thought she would ‘look’ much worse.

I tuned in to HS again to see how her kidneys were functioning. She told me only one of her kidneys was working when we started. We worked on that and now she says her left kidney is functioning at 46%. The right one (that we didn’t really do as much work on) is currently functioning at 73%.

She was chuckling at the vet’s surprise when he saw her. She says she is going to drink lots more water as she doesn’t like having the water injected. I also checked out her bladder and sent lots of healing light and energy to it. She says she can now pee like clear crystal light, easily and often.

More feedback from Martha: HS was diagnosed with insufficient renal function few years ago, what the vets call ‘normal’ in older cats. I did not know all the details about the reasons why cats eventually ‘develop’ renal problems. Thank you for working with her kidneys. I’m smiling at her ‘chuckling’… Maureen, she seems much more herself this morning, although her face is alternating relaxed, happy, than sad and heavy. Please let me know what you pick up on the constipation – could you test her to see if at this point a pro-biotic + enzymes added to her food would help with the constipation. I don’t want to add anything that might overstimulate her gut as she is trying to get better.

Since yesterday she started to pee freely as you described – clear, beautiful bright yellow. And she responded every time I took her to the litter box. Today she is doing it on her own. Thank you for working with her kidneys.

My comments to Martha: I worked on her bowel movements this morning… she got very emotional and said she had so much ‘bad’ stuff that she needed to keep it inside her as she couldn’t face it if she allowed it to come out. Please remember that oftentimes this is not actual truth but a perception (which is then of course the ‘truth’). We worked on allowing the sadness to come out… that it was easy for her and safe for her to let this all out. We also worked on her not eating too much at once… to let the stuff inside her come out easily and in a relaxed manner.

She said she was feeling much better and was now OK with not keeping stuff inside her and getting all stuck and bloated. I have no idea what the ‘bad stuff’ was – as it is not really important once excess emotional attachment to it has ceased.

She says she is going to eat more slowly and allow the food to flow through her easily now.

Muscle tested and I get the feeling that you should just watch her for another 24 hours and see if you perceive any improvement. If not then add the pro-biotic. She says she wants to see if she can do this by herself. Quite a strong willed cat you have there!

Martha’s feedback: HS has been improving slowly, thank Goodness. Bowel movements improved over the weekend and I had decided, as you suggested, to wait for the probiotic.

You gave me important information – her sadness, holding in etc. Yesterday I was able to relax for a brief moment and reconnect.

I then sent these set ups to Martha for her to work through on herself. I told her to read through all of these statements and then choose the ones that have the most relevance for her.

Even though I feel rejected by my husband at times, I am still a strong and capable woman.
Even though I have to compromise and it makes me angry, I am still a strong and capable woman.
Even though I am tired of the struggle at times, I am still a great person, strong and capable.
Even though I feel stuck at times and not able to move forward as I would like to, I know I can do whatever I want to regardless of what is going on between my husband and myself.
Even though peaceful and nourishing relationships seem foreign to me at times, I know I can have perfect loving relationships if I choose so to do.
Even though I still have negative thoughts towards my mother at times, I now can release all of them and forgive myself for carrying them around for so long.
Even though my inner child, little Martha, still needs lots of love and attention, I know that I can now go to her and give her all the love she never received as a child any time she needs me.
Even though I feel guilty at times for putting HS through this move, I know that she understands and it was her soul choice to come with me and I can easily let the guilt go now.
Even though I will never have the mother-daughter relationship that other women have, I know it was my choice to experience this during this lifetime.
Even though parts of me still feel overwhelmed at times, I trust the Universe (God/my angels… whatever is most appropriate for you…) to send my body all the energy it needs at all times.

Feedback from Martha: thank you for checking in to see how we’re doing… and sorry for the delayed answer… HS is holding well. Dr. G thinks she is out of danger. She is going to see him again next Monday.

More from me: HS said she was taking on your negative energy as she thought she was stronger than you at the moment. We worked through that… and now she knows that the best thing she can do for you is to stay strong and that will show you that you too can be strong.

I also tapped with her for the cold drafts. That should be better now. She also said she doesn’t like her current food and it is making her constipated? I have no idea what she is eating but she said she wanted her old food back? Then I felt very sniffly and had to blow my nose. Muscle testing said she was sad. She said she is sad for you… so we did a bit more on her being strong and that is going to help you the most. She said she is drinking enough water at the moment. So please let me know if there is any improvement. Martha said there was improvement and the HS was drinking lots of water again.

I heard nothing else from Martha and Hot Spice until the New Year. Here is her latest feedback to me:

Maureen, I’ve thought of you often and always with immense gratitude. God sent you my way via EFT newsletter for support and I thank Him and you for that. HS has been doing well. I’ve tried as much as I could to avoid any extra stress for her.

My brother and sister in law came to stay with us for Christmas and that’s wonderful. HS is happy about that too.

There were times I was afraid to believe you about HS. The veterinarian did not believe himself she would make it. I think he said she might only live for a month or she could go anytime. I did tell her I wanted what was best for her that was OK if she felt it was time to go home. She proved to be strong and willed as you described… God bless you Maureen and thank you again for your help and support. HS is here and I told her I’m writing to you…. I told her, you speak to her your own way…