Christianity & EFT

Have you wondered if any Christians are using EFT? Is EFT a new age practice or new age movement? Is EFT demonic or part of the occult?

We’ve collected a number of articles and links to tackle these and other questions about Christianity and EFT. So if you are wondering whether EFT is against God, or what the Christian perspective is on EFT and the tapping technique take a look below.

Four questions I get asked about EFT and Christianity

Since 1996 I have traveled the US and Canada speaking and performing as part of APeX Ministries.  APeX is a Catholic Christian performance ministry that works with teens and because of this I am frequently asked about tapping from a Christian point of view. Here are my thoughts on the topic.  Please be warned that I am not speaking for Christians, Catholics, or any specific denomination.  These are my thoughts and my thoughts alone. Instead of tackling the topic all at once, here are the four most common questions I am asked about the topic.
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Should Christians fear EFT?

No. They should learn all about it and be able to speak with conviction from a position of knowledge rather than ignorance. Speaking from ignorance only makes a Christian look reactionary and clueless.
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Does EFT compete with God?

What do you say to people with concerns or issues around EFT in relation to their belief in God, specifically that EFT might somehow usurp or replace their belief in God? That is a very valid question. I am frequently presented with this question, as I am very active in my religion. My spiritual foundation is Christian, and I have considered the purpose of EFT and where it fits in my life. I feel that my responses to these concerns are sound, and that answers that have helped me certainly can help many others put EFT into the right perspective in life.
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Addressing Christian concerns about EFT & energy psychology

Many Christians are, understandably, concerned about innovative counselling methods such as EFT or instant “Be Set Free Fast” (BSFF), and other more traditional approaches like various types of hypnosis, psychotherapy, and a variety of healing methods. Some are concerned that virtually any kind of psychological counselling is un-Christian, demonic, occult, New Age, humanistic, etc. Of course, these approaches are clearly not of God. They are man-centred and/or Satan-centred.I am writing to help concerned Christians put this in Biblical perspective, and to reassure you that there is nothing inherently un-Christian about any energy psychology method.
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Is EFT OK for Christians to use?

The short answer to the question, is EFT OK for Christians to use?, is yes. I understand and appreciate that discernment in these matters is important, so I’ll address this as well as I can, and I suspect in time we’ll grow in our understanding of this method and how it works. In fact, I believe using EFT was very helpful in helping me to let go of or remove enough emotional darkness to allow me to understand and embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ and truly realize that the Bible is the Word of God. Since the body’s meridian network may not (yet) be a mainstream scientific concept, and it’s at least nominally related to acupuncture and the whole concept may be seen by some as ‘new age-y’ or unscriptural, Dr. Callahan notes that in 1995, Pierre de Vernejoul provided concrete evidence that the meridian network does exist. The bottom line: the meridian system is an actual, clearly defined network. Thus, the energy system used in Thought Field Therapy [and by extension, EFT] is genuine, and not some mystical notion.
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Is EFT appropriate for Christians?

I hear this question quite a bit in my practice because Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is often thought to be a New Age therapy because it involves working with energy meridians in the body. When I first heard about EFT, I was extremely curious about it because it looked too good to be true. I downloaded the free manual and tried to learn how to do it on my own, and I prayed for guidance from God about this new technique. When I use it with clients now, I explain it this way: The last time you had a headache and reached into the medicine cabinet for an aspirin, did you feel the need to ask forgiveness from God for putting a drug into your body? People look at me strangely when I ask this question, because no one thinks twice about popping an aspirin when they have a headache. Taking medicine for an ailment is the way we do things in America. We were raised to heed the advice of our doctors, to the point that some people have more faith in doctors than they have in God.
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EFT from a Christian perspective

A Facebook group discussing EFT and other energy techniques from a Christian point of view.
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YouTube video describing EFT from a Christian perspective.

The first in a series of video clips describing EFT from a Christian perspective.
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