Coming soon! How to communicate with your companion animals.

by Maureen on February 20, 2015

Coming soon!

Do you wish you could ‘talk’ with your companion animals?  Find out what is going on with them?  Are they in pain?  Picking up on your anxiety and or stress? Just want to chat with them?

I have been intuitively communicating with animals for about ten years now and I have helped hundreds of companion and other animals – most of whom I have never met in person :).

My name is Triplet

I have been chatted with!

I am going to be offering a half-day course for those interested in improving their animal communication skills.

You will learn the basic theories of intuitive animal communication, providing you with a great foundation which you can then use to practice communicating with your own animals at home and those of your friends, either in person or remotely.

This course will cover the following:

  •  Using EFT for animals you can see and touch.
  • Using EFT for animals you can see that you cannot or do not want to work on directly.
  • Understanding the concepts of muscle testing as an invaluable tool to help you focus your energies.
  • How to do EFT for animals you have never met.
  • How to write up overviews for clients.
  • How to work on further issues using surrogate EFT.
  • How to trust yourself and gain confidence.
  • How to explain this to prospective clients.
  • Techniques to greatly improve the effectiveness of EFT on animals – including the importance of being specific, dealing with shifting aspects of memories and emotions, special points and being persistent.
  • Discover the wide range of physical and emotional issues where EFT for animals is effective and how these interact with human ‘owners’ issues.
  • Testing the effectiveness of treatments and how to check back and continue to work on changed aspects and issues.

Who can take this course:

You need to have completed a basic EFT course, preferably from a recognised instructor.  If you do not have this basic knowledge, you will be totally lost. So if you don’t yet have EFT knowledge, there is still time for you to find a basic course and do it!

How do I sign up:

Please send me a mail (maureen at giving your geographic location as this course will be presented as a webinar.

Cost of the course:

This introductory course should take around four hours.  The cost is anticipated to be R2500, USD250 or GBP165. Payment can be made via PayPal.  Payment details will be given once you sign up for the course.

Date of this course:

Anticipated date is around mid-April, dependent on getting my updated internet connection on the go!

I reserve the right to change the date due to unforeseen circumstances (mostly to do with getting my ADSL line installed!)

Please contact me with any questions you might have.

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