Lets tap for peace in Syria

by Matthew on September 4, 2013

What’s really going on

There’s a lot of uncertainty, fear and doubt circulating around the civil war in Syria. Particularly recently in light of the use of chemical weapons. Were they used or weren’t they? Will there be another war in the middle east? Should my country (USA, UK, France, Russia, Israel, etc)  get involved or not? These questions don’t touch on what the people living in Syria must be going through — fear, terror, pain, suffering — to name a few.  If you know anything about EFT* the following “challenge” will be clear to you!

The challenge

I have compiled a list of negative emotions picked up around the “Syrian” issue. I am challenging you to take a few minutes — about 15 to be exact — and do some tapping for it.  Yes, what “happened” might be bad and outrageous and terrible but if we keep churning those same feelings over and over, what do we get? More of the same. Remember what Albert Einstein said: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” So lets try something different. Lets use the power of EFT to assist with the healing of pain and sorrow; for peace to come through negotiation, and for reconciliation of the various groups involved in the conflict – both inside and outside the borders of Syria.

Lets do some EFT

I am going to assume you know a bit about EFT. If not please check out our “EFT tapping points” post. I am using emotions I picked up from “dipping into the situation”. (I am able to turn my attention and focus on to something and quickly pick up what emotions are present. A bit like tuning into a radio station. The closer you get to the best signal, the louder the volume. It’s the same for me with this. The closer I get to the situation with my attention and focus, the more intense the emotions.) While you are tapping, if anything else comes up for you, please feel free to tap accordingly.

Getting started

SyriaI have recorded my EFT session and linked it below. All you have to do is click play and tap along, repeating what I say. I suggest you move from tapping point to tapping point with each change in phrase. Sometimes in the process I stayed in one place (the collar bone for example) and tapped repeatedly before moving on. Do whatever seems right for you as you listen to the process. I also tap on the outside of the fingers and wrist, so one round starts with the eyebrow (EB) and ends on the wrist before starting again at the eyebrow.

To recap, these are my tapping points.

For the setup:

  • Karate chop (KC)

For the tapping:

  • Eyebrow (EB)
  • Side of the eye (SE)
  • Under the eye (UE)
  • Under the nose (UN)
  • Chin (CH)
  • Collar bone (CB)
  • Under the arm (UA)
  • Outside of the fingers (OF)
  • Wrist (W)

The entire process is just over sixteen minutes (16:23).

Lets tap!

  • Find a place to sit comfortably, where you won’t be interrupted.
  • Take a few breaths in and out, relaxing your body.
  • Give your mind and your thoughts permission to do this work for the next little while.
  • Tell yourself any pressing thoughts or things you have to do will be done after you have finished this important tapping task.
  • I find it useful to have a symbol or something similar to focus on when I do this type of EFT. I have included a map of Syria, courtesy of Wikipedia.
  • You may find it easier to have your eyes closed while tapping along too.
  • Focus on where Syria is in the world and lets get going.

Note: Depending on the speed of your connection, there may be a delay in the audio starting after you have clicked play.

Download the session

Music icon

The beautiful background track is “Colours” from the album “Against hate” by da Stefano mocini.
Creative Commons: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

*If you don’t know yet, EFT is a great tool for helping settle negative emotions quickly and easily.

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