My cat was allergic to its food

by Maureen on September 11, 2007

We have six cats – I have used EFT on all of them at various times with great success. ginger cat...

But: my big ginger cat, Uti (so named as he has a kink or u-turn in his tail) still seemed to have issues.

I used EFT on his abandonment issues (he was taken to a pet shop at a very young age), his embarrassment issues (he didn’t know how to wash himself as the other cats do and consequently slurps loudly when washing himself), his inability to dig holes when using either the indoor litter tray or outside in the garden (he would go sitting on top of the litter and then spend many minutes vainly trying to cover it up, getting agitated in the process).

All the issues above were sorted by using EFT.

When we first got Uti he was used to eating fairly cheap dry cat food and seemed to have no problems with the food. My cats all eat premium dry food and all are thriving on it – apart from Uti.

He started pooping in the office, in the bedroom, in the bath, anywhere but where he should be going. To be blunt, the smell was appalling – as was the texture.

I did EFT on his digestive system: seemed to help. Then the pooping got worse: every single night he would go in my husband’s bathroom… the smell was so strong that it woke me up at 3 or 4 in the morning!

Husband threatened Uti with leaving the household: I did all the clearing up but that was not the issue.

I was very puzzled… every other time I had used EFT on my cats (as well as with other cat and animal clients around the world) EFT was successful.

One early morning after another cleanup, I was lying in bed wondering what else I could try: then suddenly ‘allergy’ came into my head. Once I was up and about that morning, I went for my daily walk. I tuned into to Uti and he said that he was definitely allergic to the food. He wanted the cheap stuff back as he was fed up with his insides gurgling plus the fact that he felt unloved by my husband.

I did a couple of rounds on ‘even though this food is too rich for me I am still a great cat: and then one on ‘even though I am allergic to this rich food I am still a great cat’.

I heaved a big sigh: went back home and looked at Uti. His eyes seemed calmer and he was looking very sprightly: he didn’t hide under the dresser as he usually did.

That night before I went to sleep I did some EFT on me, in case I was focusing on what I thought was going to happen: even though part of me thinks that Uti might poop in the bathroom again tonight, I now know that he is fine.

Next morning: nothing in the bathroom! Uti was up and about, went outside: ran up a tree (unheard of for him) and generally seemed much calmer and peaceful.

Over the next few days he stuck up for himself more, didn’t run and hide under the dresser if one of the other cats looked at him -in fact he batted a couple of them himself, just with one paw as if to say ah so this is how it feels to stand my ground.

I waited for a few days and then we had another incident in the bathroom. This time it didn’t seem to smell so bad… and when I got up to investigate, Uti was sitting in the bathroom as if to say ‘here: check it out: much better!’ And it was. No more nasty liquid, normal stools in form and smell.

That was the last time he has pooped in the house. I leave all the room doors open now – he goes everywhere. He has lost some weight, plays a lot more, stays out sitting in the sunshine or under a shady tree instead of just spending all his time asleep on our bed.

It is now six months since I did the allergy EFT on him – I wanted to make sure that I had finally got to the core issue regarding the food.

EFT actually saved Uti from having to leave our house. My husband is happy with him again and most important, Uti is happy with himself.

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