Happy Clients

I had a check up yesterday and my blood pressure was normal. Yay!

Mommy and that pretty doctor lady think it’s because they scheduled my appointment in the afternoon rather than first thing in the morning and they took me back to take my blood pressure as soon as we got there instead of making me wait. You and I know differently – it’s because I’m so strong and powerful and healthy!

Hope all is well with you.

Your friend,

This just to let you know that half way through my first radium treatment I have suffered only light side effects, and remain focused on “radiant health”. Also, the feeling of frustration about limitations on my life seems to have eased.

Thanks again – as ever, very clarifying and focusing to talk with you.

Hi Maureen, For those after-the-hour questions. MT is so helpful. When I asked about my brother the word and feelings came up from the heart like a geyser. Would have been a long time (if ever) getting there just tapping on general sense of failure. Combination is excellent. Appreciated.

Hi Maureen Thank you so much. I am devastated that I had to put Snoopy to sleep this weekend, but I believe that thanks to our communication, she knew I loved her and that I would be ok, her spiral over the last few days was significant.

Thank you so much for that. I’ve been having difficulty focussing. :)

I must tell you Maureen, since I last saw you, I’ve also been doing ongoing ‘self-renovation’ if you can call it that. I actually stopped in the middle of doing something the other day and realized how much better I felt and how far I’d come in terms of dropping a lot of baggage and other stuff I didn’t need. As well as being able to handle new situations, even if it is in baby steps (as you’d say), whereas before, I would have avoided at all costs. So much of the improvement was due to the tapping time I had with you, I’ll always be very grateful for this.

Even my husband, who doesn’t really believe intuitively in all this energy stuff, can see a huge difference in the dogs!

I have definitely seen a slight change in H’s behaviour. She is calmer! She is also more playful. I do feel a more positive energy around the house. Keep me updated and let me know what else I could do to help. My husband and I are changing our thoughts (to be more positive).

I did a few rounds on what you suggested and something did come up. A memory from when I was probably about 8 or 9 I guess. ………… So spot on as usual! Marvellous Maureen strikes once again.

I just want to tell you that I feel awesome! I am so much lighter – I even sound different!

S is doing so well! He ate earlier this morning and is eating again right now (two different cat foods today). So, all is well here. Such a contrast from two weeks ago today, when S spent the day at the vets. He is so much better. Thank you so much!

Thanks so much for this. She’s definitely healing well as she’s walking/hop-limping around more easily whereas previously she barely moved. And she’s eating, drinking and purring which is a great sign!! So good to know that she’s feeling lighter after releasing that guilt and anger :).
You’re the best, speak soon

Dear Maureen, you are superb. Thanks a million. Love and admire you.

I laughed… it affirmed for me that I had let it go. Thank you! – its really cool to work with you!

I just want to thank you again for my session last week, I must say, I really feel good! It’s going very well at home and it’s nice to live in harmony again. Thank you for making a difference in my life!

Bob (the dog) is lying stretched out in his office bed next to me fast asleep, ha ha! But he is happy and I am sure he has been giving me special looks since your chat! Will keep in touch, thanks again Maureen.

I had the best sleep I have had in ages.. a deep gentle sleep. I feel a LOT lighter and much relieved – all my feelings of obligation are totally gone. Thank you so much for being there for me.

I don’t think we really tapped on it, but after our last session, I TOTALLY lost my craving for candy. I just don’t want it anymore! That ought to help release the weight. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
MD, New York

What I CAN tell you, is that – despite my trying not to notice in the fear that it was the wishful thinking part of my imagination – Nicholas has become relaxed and happy overnight. During the school holidays he laughed constantly, tidied his room without having to be nagged, had a change in his temper and was the old, relaxed, son we once knew.

They told me to expect this and that (experiencing chemotherapy for the first time) but instead I tapped that this and that would not be experienced by me and so far I am back at work and running another Seminar tomorrow, people around keep asking how I feel and except for a few wiggles and squeaks’ from various parts of me which disappear as fast as they come I am fine. I just love the EFT and will make arrangements with you for a few more sessions as soon as I have had a chance to get to the bank.

Last week was our Passover celebration, a usually very heavy family item. We celebrated at my brother’s as usual, and I was amazed to see how light and enjoyable the whole evening was for me. I even talked to my sister-in-law later, who thanked me for being so positively helpful there. I want to let you know that each time an event of this kind happens, I bless you and EFT!
AP, Israel

Hi Maureen, Thank you so much, I have printed it out (set-ups for chemotherapy) and will make copies so that I can do it at the office as well. I asked my Angels for help but this goes way beyond anything I was anticipating, You are very special I love you.

Thanks for yesterday – as always you’re so spot on. I feel like I can actually move forward now from all the confusion and frustration – now that I know what the story is.

I was thinking about my “progress” last night, and it feels like I have been calm and “together” for months or years now–it is so hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that, just a few weeks ago, I was a mess… it’s really a crazy feeling! Thank you so much!

I think the daily tapping is starting to show some positive results. I suddenly have far more energy (starting to feel like the ‘old’ days) and I am starting to enjoy my training again. It is quite remarkable! Thanks for everything.

Thank you so much for yesterday’s session, I cannot believe the difference that all that tapping did, can this really be so complicated yet so simple?

I have felt happier in the past three weeks that I have been seeing you than in the previous three years!

I feel about ten years lighter!

I have tried everything to lose weight. EFT helped me realise that I didn’t need will power, I needed to find and release those old emotions that sabotaged all my previous efforts! Every week now there is less of me!

From a sceptic to a believer. When I first heard about EFT I was sceptical that it could actually work. I am now a firm believer having experienced it personally. I am an avid sportsman and participate and compete in several sports on a regular basis. My passion in sports is water skiing and I worked with Stuff Busters specifically to improve my performance in the slalom course. I’ve set 3 new personal bests since starting EFT and have moved to an entirely new level in my skiing after being stuck at one level for the past 3 years. I also play golf but not competitively. As a result of the “stuff” I “busted” while working on my skiing, my golf score improved by 6 – 8 strokes which amazed me. EFT is really amazing…..it just plain works!

Thanks to EFT I am feeling much less stressed and much more relaxed.

I used to be fearful over all sorts of issues. After a couple of EFT sessions I am far more relaxed and those fears are gone.

EFT has helped me deal with abandonment issues I have kept inside since a child.

I’ve done it and its helped me a lot in finding out who I am, what I am and why I am and how to make me feel a better person. It was well worth it and not a load of bull…. it’s not spooky, it is unbelievable yes but it really works.

You seem to know just what to say to get to those issues that have been stuck inside me for so long now. What would I have done with out EFT? Don’t even want to think about that.

I am laughing! You are good…… I did not lock SSS (cat) up this weekend (since Thursday) and appreciate you being clear with him that when I do, it is for health issues. I also know I must do work on myself to trust him, as you mentioned, every time he jumps on the bed, well, you know.

There were no fights last night; yesterday was a calm, peaceful day in the house. Saturday was too. It feels like a big shift in the house now. Yesterday I got the sense FFF (second cat) was apologizing to me, and now I know why. Her eyes have been opened now. THANKS.

I have an appointment with the (animal) communicator on Wednesday – I will give you feedback from her. I will ask her to emphasize the fact that we all are a team here and must love and support everyone…..always…..and forever….Take care.

EFT is fantastic! And you’ve been very helpful to me… Beside what I did under your guidance, and what I did later in the short course I took, I also watched Gary’s EFT course videos, and tapped along the way as I did. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and guidance, may you be blessed.

I loved meeting you. You are a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much, I am tapping away like crazy – feeling great. Take good care. Peacelovejoy.

There were times I was afraid to believe you about Ginger. The veterinarian did not believe himself she would make it. I think he said she might only live for a month or she could go anytime. I did tell her I wanted what was best for her and that was OK if she felt it was time to go home. She proved to be strong willed as you described… Five months later she is settled with me here in Canada and doing well. God bless you Maureen and thank you again for your help and support.