You’ve tried more diets than some people have had hot meals, you rattle from all the so-called miracle weight losing tablets and pills you’ve swallowed over the years, the garage is full of dusty exercise equipment guaranteed to help, you’ve even tried a few off the wall alternate ideas, all to no avail.
Sometimes the weight gets less… then as soon as the ‘will power’ isn’t willing, it all comes back and you beat yourself up over it even more.

You’ve read all the diet books, bought most of them, signed up for online help, joined help groups… and has any of that helped?  Nope.  And why not?  Because you haven’t changed the way you think and feel about comfort food and food in general.

So what can you do short of stapling your stomach or wiring your jaw shut?

You can start to take responsibility for yourself and how you look and what you put into your mouth to nourish you.

Easy for you to say, I hear… how do I do that and actually make it work?

Will power is not enough.  Will power is never enough.  You need to balance your food intake, exercise somewhat and get back in control of your life.

The way I recommend is EFT.  Emotional Freedom Techniques is a branch of epigenetic medicine.  It is not waving crystals around, repeating affirmations ad nauseam, anything possibly New Age, not religion based, can safely be used while pregnant, drug free and – big bonus – you can easily learn to do it yourself to speed up the process even more.

It has tremendous success in physical and emotional areas – I haven’t found a situation yet that EFT hasn’t helped improve. Basically any ‘thing’ that’s bothering you… I can help you help yourself.

Simply stated, EFT is a unique version of acupuncture except you don’t use needles. Instead, you stimulate well established energy meridian points on your face and upper body by tapping on them with your fingertips. It looks funny but it works! The process is easy to memorise and is portable so you can do it anywhere.

Once your energy is balanced, it is far easier to eat the good stuff; in fact you will eat whatever you want to eat… you will find that you no longer have cravings or eat for comfort or have to finish what’s on your plate because of all those starving people all over the world.
There are three components relating to weight issues: physical, emotional and mental.

The Physical Level
I have worked with many people who want to lose weight. I have experienced my own weight issues from being anorexic as a teenager and later while in an unhappy marriage. I know from experience that each person is different. No one food or activity plan is best for everyone. So, together, in a relaxed environment, we will set goals and develop a plan specifically for your own lifestyle, one which you can easily maintain and enjoy.

The Emotional Level
Willpower! Do you have it? You are probably telling yourself you are weak, that you don’t have ‘enough’ willpower or else you would not have this problem involving weight. Willpower, schmillpower!! Willpower is not something you need when you use EFT! You might be overeating or eating what you term ‘bad’ food because something is eating you, or for one reason or another you might be stuck. Unresolved emotions, not lack of willpower, will forever sabotage your efforts to lose weight. This is why 95% of dieters regain the pounds they have lost and they cannot get off that misery-go-round of lose, gain, lose, gain and gain some more. Until your negative feelings and the thoughts behind them are brought to the surface and made neutral, any weight loss will be temporary.

The Mental Level
Are any of these thoughts familiar?
• I don’t deserve to be thin (or happy or successful).
• Even if everyone else has rejected me, food is still there for me.
• Losing weight is hopeless… it’s never going to happen for me.
• If I were thin, I’d be vulnerable and attract too much attention.
• I have too many pounds to lose. It will take forever. I don’t know where to start.
• I can’t succeed. I have no willpower.
• What if I do succeed? How will my life change? Will people expect too much of me?
• What if I start again and fail? People I care about will know I’m a failure.
• I can’t give up my best friend, food. I can’t live my life without it.

The misery-go-round never stops. Sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? How can you possibly change such self-defeating thoughts? How can you face such unpleasant emotions without the comfort of food?

If you have ‘issues’ with food – from anorexia through bulimia to craving certain foods – or find you are not in command of what goes into your mouth on a regular basis,  then EFT can definitely help.  Usually three or four sessions are enough to get you on track and able and ready to take back control of your life. Plenty of time to get yourself sorted out and still enjoy your summer holidays!

I can honestly say with all my clients who have issues with eating, that we don’t focus on food when we are working through why they eat incorrectly – under eating, over eating, binging… – we focus on the reasons behind why they have this relationship with food and it works!  After one session one client said ‘I realised I am no longer going to the snack machine and buying two bars of chocolate and eating them both in the toilet before I got back to my desk so nobody would know what I had been doing.’  Another said ‘I can now eat just one chocolate and then actually put the box away – no deprivation at all!’ Another said ‘I have tried everything to lose weight. EFT helped me realise that I didn’t need will power, I needed to find and release those old emotions that sabotaged all my previous efforts! Every week now there is less of me!’

What more can I say?  It works!


The holidays… feeling overwhelmed?

by Maureen on November 27, 2015

I wrote this article several years ago – thought it was relevant for everyone this year so here it is again!

the_holidaysThe Holidays – do these words make your heart sink just hearing them or seeing them? To many people they do – and to very many women! After all we women are the ones who organize everything, and sort out everything, and cook everything, and wrap everything, and play referee to the children’s squabbles, and drink too much to take away the stress, and panic when we hear that Aunty X is going to be coming along with her arch enemy Auntie Y, and feel devastated when we find out our ex is coming with his new younger model wife to give the children their gifts as you have to be pleasant to everyone during The Holidays right?

Phew… that is just the start of thoughts swirling around in our heads. How are we going to manage?

We do manage… most of the time – even if in the past we have resorted to a bit too much Christmas cheer or a secret stash of sherry or something stronger to see us through.

What about a new way of looking at things this holiday season? Tried reading the self help articles and all they did were take up more of your ever decreasing spare time? Already tried taking deep breaths and attempting to relax? Will power alone does not work. All the will in the world will not help if you are still focused on the same outcome.

OK… then what about a really new way of looking at all this holiday stress and strain? Enter Fairy Godmother waving her meridian tapping wand.

You need to relax my dear she says (tell me something I don’t already know…) – so what is this magic wand stuff and how is it going to help me?

First we do a set up – this is repeated three times:

Forgotten how to tap, or where the tapping points are? Here are introductory instructions on how to do EFT or you can download a guide to meridian (EFT) tapping points available as a PDF

  1. Even though I am so totally stressed out and overwhelmed just thinking about the holidays never mind planning for them, I want to work through this right now
  2. Even though in the past I got totally overwhelmed and nothing worked out as I wanted it to, this year it will be different and I am working towards that right now
  3. Even though I don’t even know where to start there are so many thoughts whizzing around in my head, I am not going to go through the same stuff again this year so I want to work through this right now.

And now for some meridian tapping:

  • EB: I am totally overwhelmed
  • OE: I can’t go through this again
  • UE: I don’t even know where to start
  • UN: I can’t face all those awful relatives
  • CH: Why does my husband think I can just do this every year without help
  • CB: I deserve things to be different this year
  • UA: Maybe I can let some of this stress go
  • TOH: Perhaps it is safe for me to let some of this stress go right now

Take a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath.

Feel any calmer? Good!

Now try these set ups:

  1. Even though there is still a huge amount of work for me to do, I am working through this
  2. Even though I still am not sure yet if I can cope, I am working through this
  3. Even though there is a part of me that would rather not do this at all, I can take my power back and work through this right now.

Now the tapping:

  • EB: I can’t do this by myself
  • OE: Maybe I can ask the family to help
  • UE: Nobody ever helps me
  • UN: This time it can be different
  • CH: I deserve to have some help
  • CB: I deserve things to be different this year
  • UA: It is safe for me to ask for help
  • TOH: It is safe and easy for me to ask for help right now

Take another deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath. Any easier?

You might say how can this help me – I am the only one who does the planning and the cooking and and and… Well. Where does the responsibility lay? Do you live alone? If so then yes you decide what to do and plan and all the rest. However, most of us are doing all this because we have families and if we don’t ask them for help, I am fairly certain they are not all going to come rushing up begging to do the chores.

Have a family conference or pow-wow and tell them how it is going to be this year. Tell them you need help. Ask them how they would like to contribute in the way of help. Make a list… or continue to be a martyr and sneak out back with your vice of choice. But remember… you can make a change if you want to!


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